EOFY SALE - Klaviyo Account Audit

Unlock Klaviyo's Full Potential

Already using Klaviyo but unsure if there’s something missing and wondering if you’re leaving money one the table? 

You need a Klaviyo Audit if:

You struggle with the technical aspect of Klaviyo and aren’t sure if everything is working as it should. You’re unsure if your settings, flow triggers, templates, lists & segments are configured correctly? You’re feeling overwhelmed by Klaviyo and finding it hard to manage. You put so many hours of effort in with minimal return.

If this sounds like you, a Klaviyo audit is exactly what you need.

What’s included in Your Klaviyo Audit:

  • Tech Audit – Checking all settings, flow filters and triggers, templates, preference pages, forms, lists & Segments
  • Campaigns – Review of previous email campaigns
  • Flows – Review of existing flows, recommendations to improve current and new flows to add.
  • Data analysis – A detailed report with comprehensive statistics and targeted recommendations. 
  • Video recording – As well as a report document, you will receive a personalised video walkthrough of your account and findings. 

After Your Audit, You’ll Have:

Clear insights into your account’s performance and understand where to improve. You’ll be able to pinpoint weak points that need attention and learn where to optimise Klaviyo for your business. This process will help you enhance Klaviyo’s performance and move forward with confidence in your email marketing strategy.
Start the new financial year right! Secure your Klaviyo audit today and take control of you email marketing!

Special Offer:
Klaviyo Account Audit For $59
(Normally $199)

Take advantage of our end of financial year sale! Full access to your Klaviyo account required.

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